Awful Awful Mondays at Newport Creamery

Newport Creamery is just one of those places you can't just drive by. Stop in and get an Awful Awful to brighten up your mood.

Awful Awful Mondays aren’t actually all that awful at Newport Creamery. It’s actually pretty scrumptious!

The Newport Creamery in Garden City Center is offer a sweet deal with buy on Awful Awful get one free deals on Mondays. Awful Awful are drinkable treats at Newport Creamery. They are offered in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mocha, and chocolate mint and coffee that will get even your worse Mondays into a good mood.

Their outrageous Awful Awful will have taste buds going to an alley-oop with the combination of Oreo, strawberry, banana chip, cappuccino crunch and Choc O’ Nutter. Try that when you are going to lunch for a great dessert.

Speaking of lunch their Good Mood Food is offered in a wide variety of food options on their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus too. They offer a taste that will satisfy any taste bud whether it is chicken tenders or a quesadilla. Their lunch and dinner menus offer a little bit of everything.

Head to Newport Creamery because no matter how awful your Mondays, their food will put you in a good mood.

photo credit: prettydaisies

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